I-Soursop Trying to Save Calypso Writing


ZIZ News…July 12, 2010 – A local calypsonian is giving back to the community by hosting a calypso writing workshop.

Calvin Johnson, better known as I-Soursop will be hosting a youth calypso workshop later this year.

His manager Vernon Springer says this needs to be done because he feels that the art of calypso writing is dying.

“A lot of people who are writing are not coming forward and some of the people who are writing, they are writing ‘ABC’ calypso, which are for primary school kids. And we really want to, you know, ignite that and get people back into the frame of writing”

Meanwhile, I-Soursop himself says he is gearing up to defend his Culturama monarch title.

He has released a new album entitled “Crossroads”.

He says the CD speaks to worldwide issues.

“This year we plan to broaden our scope in terms of calypso. Normally we sing for home or whatever the competition might be. This year we decided to broaden the whole base of it. ‘Crossroads’ is a song that speaks to everything that’s happening in the world so we decided to name the album ‘Crossroads’ right off of that track.”

The two tracks released from the album are “Crossroads” and “A Mother’s Pain”.

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