IDB to invest $27 million to improve transportation in Haiti

Inter-AmericanDevelopmentBank-1Washington, USA — The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has approved a $27 million grant to help modernize and improve the management of Haiti’s roads and ports, key sectors that are fundamental for the country’s economic development and integration.

The grant is the second in a series of three programmatic policy based grants (PBGs) that provide the Haitian government with budget support for policy, legal and institutional reforms of government agencies. This grant includes measures aimed at modernizing and strengthening road sector management to improve planning, maintenance, road safety, construction and rehabilitation of roadways. It also covers modernization of maritime sector management, including policy and legal reforms governing the country’s ports.

These fast-disbursing grants complement other larger, transportation investment projects financed by the IDB and other donors in Haiti. The program will benefit both the private and public sectors by providing better transport and maritime port infrastructure, lower costs and decreased travel time.

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