Sidewalk Construction Throughout St. Kitts Enhances Safety For Pedestrians

Basseterre, St. Kitts, July 04, 2019 (SKNIS): Residents living in the rural parts of St. Kitts, particularly on the Eastern side, continue to benefit from the upgrades to the road infrastructure, especially the construction of and upgrades to the sidewalks, which aim to enhance the safety of pedestrians.

Prime Minister, Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris was at the time updating the public on the work done so far under the Island Main Road Rehabilitation and Upgrade Project at his press conference on Tuesday, July 02

“Our capital buildout has benefited our people who see and experience where the money is going as they watch and they drive and walk on our island main road every day. The feeling is good. They see the improvements in our housing projects all over the country – our investment in the sidewalks everywhere from Conaree to Tabernacle, improving the safety,” said Prime Minister Harris.”

Dr. Harris said that the upgrades to sidewalks are extremely important and especially useful for vulnerable persons.

“This is particular important for the elderly persons who don’t have the time and the agility to move rapidly from ongoing traffic moving to and fro. This is particularly important for the young children who are going to school, and, who sometimes are absent-minded in relation to the movements of the traffic. I feel good. I feel happier because the safety of the children who walk every day from Violet Petty School down to Ottleys and down to Lodge and Bourryeau, that safety has been significantly enhanced,” said the prime minister. “And what about the disabled with their wheelchairs, who sometimes, our people are too insensitive to and about? We have now, by creating those sidewalks, enhanced the quality of life and the lived experience for all.”

Prime Minister Harris used the occasion to express thanks to the Honourable Ian Patches Liburd, Minister of Public Infrastructure, as well as the engineers of Public Works Department “for the thoughtfulness in the resurfacing of the island main road”.

Under Phase 1, the resurfacing of the stretch of road between Conaree and Keys, as well as Camps and Challengers, was done by Surrey Paving and Aggregate Co. Ltd. Local contractors such as Allie’s Construction, B & B Backhoe and Trucking Services, Boonie’s Construction, O’Loughlin Construction, and Huggins and Son Construction, also undertook various work that resulted in the construction of a proper drainage system on the eastern side of St. Kitts in the vicinity of CONTEC, the widening of the main road, as well as the building of drains, retention walls and sidewalks at various points.

Phase two commenced in Keys and will continue through Challengers via Saddlers and from the Airport round-about to the Camps round-about via Wellington Road through Cayon Street. The contractors include Boonie’s Construction Company Ltd; Allie’s Construction; Anthony Huggins & Sons; I&B Limited (Trevor Isaac); John Boy Construction (Dwight Berry); Stephen’s Construction (Stanford Stephens), and T&G Construction (Troy Flanders).

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