Immaculate Conception Catholic Church honours two mothers

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, MAY 17TH 2013 (CUOPM) – Two mothers were honoured last Sunday (Mother’s Day) by the Co-Catherdal of the Immaculate Conception.

Ms. Althea Bass and Mrs. Honoured Warner were during Mass on Sunday 12th May.

The first award went to Ms. Althea Bass, a Mother, who is admired for her selflessness in devoting much of her time to serving the Church, and helping the Community in general.

The citation read: She is a staunch Catholic and has been very active, directly and indirectly, in almost all areas of the Church. She served on the Parish Council for a number of years. She is a Lector, a Eucharistic Minister, an usher and was very active in the Catholic Women in Action (CAWA) group.

She assists with organising the stalls for the annual Church Bazaar. This Mother has shown qualities of leadership, great courage and strength; she is highly motivated and uses her initiative. She observes things that need to be done in the Church and Parish Centre and organises to get whichever tradesman or woman to fix the problem. She also reaches out to assist those in need, sometimes using her own resources.

Her friends say of her “she is a dedicated person, genuine and very forgiving”. Her son says of her “She is God-driven and always believes that God will make a way, no matter the circumstances. She is very unselfish and makes sacrifices that only a mother would do for her child. Her willingness to reach out to her families and others has no boundaries. She is like a mother to many, including the Priests, as she helps them to understand our culture and to feel ‘at home away from home’ “.

This Mother was born in Lower Monkey Hill, St Peter’s Parish. She is the first of a family of eleven children. Her love for one and all, particularly her parents and siblings, is immeasurable. She has one son, who works at the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), and two grandchildren.

This mother has been serving as our Parish Secretary since retiring from the ECCB, and is always willing to go the extra mile and beyond the call of duty, to help people from all walks of life and of different religions. She is a role model Mother.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, let us salute MS ALTHEA BASS – our first recipient of the Mother’s Day Award for 2013.

The second Mother was Mrs. Eugene Warner a committed and devout Catholic.

Her citataion read: She is also a role model to her children and others in the community. She is very kind hearted and supportive, and gives of her time and resources unstintingly, especially to the elderly, shut-ins and disadvantaged.

This mother is one who does a lot behind the scene, but prefers to do so quietly and without recognition. She is involved in the Eucharistic Ministry. She reaches out – she can be seen accompanying the Priests on their regular visits to the shut-ins and elderly. She contributes to the Food Stall at the Annual Church Bazaar; she is a great cook and is famous for making delicious fish soup. She is a member of the Senior Choir and was active in the Catholic Women in Action (CAWA) group. This mother is also a committed volunteer at the St Christopher Outreach Center, which provides meals to the underprivileged.

Her children say of her – “She is an energetic, warm, and passionate mother, who cares deeply about her family and the Church. She is a woman of enduring faith and has instilled in us that love and respect for God. With her steadfast love and support, she continues to be a strong and guiding force in our lives. Without doubt – she is the hardest Mom to beat”.

Her commitment to living the Catholic faith and reaching out to others has motivated her husband in becoming a full member of the Catholic Church; he comes to Church with her every Sunday and on weekdays. This Mother is indeed a role model to all and is a good example of Christian living.

This mother was born in College Street and is the second of a family of seven children. She has two children – a daughter who is married and lives in the United States and a son who is a bank executive and resides in St. Kitts.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, let us salute MRS EUGENE WARNER – our second recipient of the Mother’s Day Award for 2013.

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