Importance of proper storage of Pesticides

ZIZ News– September 23, 2013 — Minister of Agriculture, Hon Nigel Carty is calling on farmers and household users to properly store Pesticides that may be harmful to humans and wildlife.

In his address to mark Pesticides week 2013, Minister Carty says although the breakthroughs in the manipulation of chemicals over the years have proven successful, there are still cautions one must take when handling them.

He says the storage of pesticides therefore is of great importance.

Pesticides awareness week runs from September 22-27th September under the theme, “Pesticides – Store Wise, Save Lives!”

On Tuesday, there will be a workshop on pesticides use and storage in St. Kitts and one on Nevis on Wednesday.

Then on Friday there will be a screening of a global environment facility documentary film dubbed, “Mission: Planet Detox.”

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