Improving the St. Kitts Music Festival

TimothyHarris-2(ZIZ News) – The annual St. Kitts Music Festival must evolve to better reflect the country’s culture and art forms.

That is the view of the Federation’s Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris.

“How do we ensure that more of what happens at the music festival is about us? I have had that problem certainly as a citizen and now as the leader of the country,” he said.

Dr. Harris said apart from the entertainment aspect, the annual festival should be used to show the world who Kittitians and Nevisians are, in terms of culture and capabilities.

“Isn’t there a point in which we are going to pivot from an experience that largely reflects perhaps the best or some of the better known personalities out there, to give greater attention to say who we are. Who we are in terms of our culture, in terms of our food, in terms of what we produce, our arts and crafts; how we link them in more substantive ways than just at the periphery of what is happening,” he explained.

According to the Prime Minister, local artists and entertainers must continue to benefit from the St. Kitts Music Festival.

“How do we get the music festival to transform a ‘Hi Light’ or a ‘Nicha B’ from the level that they are as performers and entertainers and artists to regional and international fame and attention and with that all the other things that that does, both to marketing the country, bringing resources in etc, etc.

“I think those are the kinds of conversations that we have to look at. Over time, music festival must reflect more local content at all levels, local content so that it becomes more about promotion of the best in St. Kitts, local content so that people come and people look at your artists and say listen, I can take this young man or this young lady and make them a star in couple years,” the Prime Minister stated.

The 19th annual St. Kitts Music Festival will take place from June 25-27th, 2015.

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