Individuals and producer cooperative societies awarded for their sterling contributions to the cooperative movement in St. Kitts-Nevis

(SKNIS): Two cooperative societies; pioneer leader in the local cooperative movement, the late Mr. Wilbert Edmund Ingle Blackett; and five individuals were recognized for their sterling contributions to the cooperative society in St. Kitts and Nevis at the Cooperatives Dinner and Awards Ceremony 2018 held on July 3 at Manhattan Gardens in Limekiln, Basseterre, under the theme “Sustainable Consumption and Production of Goods and Services.”

“Today is set aside for recognizing those who have contributed to the local cooperative movement over the years and today we appreciate the work and contributions of individuals which serve not only to encourage them to continue the good works but also as a motivator in the coming years,” said Minister of Agriculture, Marine Resources, Cooperatives, Environment and Human Settlement, the Honourable Eugene Hamilton, speaking at the ceremony, the second of its kind.

Minister Hamilton made special mention of a pioneer in the cooperative field, the late Wilbert Edmund Ingle Blackett, who was given a special posthumous award for being the first registrar of cooperatives. He also said that Mr. Blackett registered the first Seventh Day Adventist Youth Handicraft Cooperative Society Limited back in 1969. According to Minister Hamilton, 15 cooperatives were registered during Mr. Blackett’s tenure.

“We want to thank the Blackett family for joining us today to honour his work. Mr. Blackett committed his life to his work,” said Minister Hamilton, while highlighting two noteworthy cooperatives, which were registered by Mr. Blackett. These cooperatives are the Nevis Cooperative Credit Union and the Nevis Fishermen Cooperative Society, which are still operational today.

The five other individuals awarded were Mrs. Tryphena Hodge, Mrs. Yvette Ross, Ms. Roatter Johnson, Mrs. Vernice Rogers, and Mr. Ralph Wharton. These individuals were recognized for their excellent contributions and volunteerism as representatives for the Junior Savers Cooperative Society and the School Apex Cooperative Society at various primary schools throughout the Federation.

Additionally, the Gideon Force Agricultural Co-operative Society Limited was awarded for Best Financial Records and Cooperative Society of the Year 2017 and Fahie’s Agricultural Women Cooperative Society Company Limited was awarded for most Charitable Cooperative Society for 2017.

The Department of Co-operatives in collaboration with the local co-operative movement and Allied Agencies is celebrating Co-op Week 2018 from July 1-8 under the theme “Sustainable Consumption and Production of Goods and Services”. Some of the activities for the week include radio appearances to promote the local cooperative movement on July 5, a fair at Independence Square on July 6, the re-opening of the public market in Sandy Point on July 7. On July 1, there was a church service at the Peoples Evangelistic Centre at Needsmust Estate and on July 2, there were talks in primary schools by noteworthy authorities of the Cooperatives.

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