Infamus gives memorable St. Kitts Music Festival performance

Infamus News Release…July 2, 2010 – Kervin “Infamus” Benjamin belongs onstage. That fact was proven time and time again during the 21 year old’s Saturday night performance at the 14th Annual St.Kitts Music Festival.

It’s not just that Infamus has pipes, although he sure does and can belt a song like his next heartbeat depends on it. Most importantly, what the St.Kitts national football player has in abundance is charisma and an innate ability to sell a song. Flanked by a 6 member d’Vybz Band who provided the best musical accompaniment one could imagine and a 3 member background vocals team Infamus delivered almost 90 minutes of tunes and easily one of the most memorable St.Kitts Music Festival Performance ever.

The musical mood of the evening was high-energy reggae, hip hop, pop, and R&B. He kicked his performance off potently with the scintilliating, “We Rise,” the first line of “Me rise….. dem want me fall….. dem bad mind…. dem want it all” sent the thousands at the Warner Park grounds into a frenzy. He followed with the scorching number, “My Wish.” As a performer, Infamus was exciting, and a natural on the stage, working the platform, strutting, gyrating and smiling. He was equal parts ingénue and grown-up.

Benjamin commanded the microphone, at every turn along with the exceptional backing by d’Vybz, giving his recorded material a much enhanced and exciting jolt. By the sheer force of his artistic personality and the d’Vybz bands musical creativity he made some of his less popular songs like “Coke and Hennesey” and “Mr Officer” seem like international hits as the crowd sang, jump and waved at his command and to their delight.

When he jumped into “Feel Like Crying,” a song that has received well over 55,000 views on youtube and is undoubtedly the biggest song out of St.Kitts-Nevis in years, his musical powers were in full force. He began the song and the fans sang with him word for word. However the highlight of the song and of the performance was when d’Vybz band , almost in mid chorus went into a soca version of the song and at this point the crowd went crazy. Fans rushed the stage overpowering security.

Food and drinks booths were emptied as everyone ran to get a glimpse of the young musical giant. The response by the crowd to the soca version of “Feel Like Crying” was so overwhelming that even the natural performer Infamus was almost at a loss as to what to do next. Being the natural he is however he simply trodded on into his next tune and by the final tune just when it was felt that he could not get any more exciting he burst into “21 gun salute”, another one of his smash hits. The song was punctuated by a 21 member dance group which enhanced the song and his performance. The song ended what was easily the most thrilling and exciting performance by a St.Kitts-Nevis act at the St.Kitts music festival.

As good as Infamus was it must be noted that the band was simply unbelievable. D’Vybz showed clearly that there is an abundance of talent in the twin island federation. The band was superb.

Inside sources have indicated that Infamus will be heading back to the studios along with d’Vybz to record the soca version of “Feel like crying”. Fans are already salivating at the thought of that release. Infamus belongs on stage and this debut performance at the St.Kitts Music Festival has confirmed that Infamus does belong on stage.

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