International fashion designer presents “I am Every Woman” Fashion Show in aid of Pink Lily Cancer Care

EstherBrooksACharlestown, Nevis — The Rivière House on Government Road is the place to visit onSaturday, April 5, 2014 at 5.00 p.m when Esther Brooks, an International Fashion Designer, presents a high profile fashion show themed, “I am Every Woman” and has pledged a donation to Pink Lily Cancer Care.

The tickets which are being sold in advance cost EC$35 and out of every ticket sold, EC$2.00 will be donated to Pink Lily Cancer Care. The Rivière House is offering a special dinner at the cost of EC$60.00 and part of the proceeds will also go to Pink Lily Cancer Care. An elegant garment designed by Brooks that has on it a creative message that complements Pink Lily Cancer Care fight against cancer will be auctioned.

Brooks, who was born in Nevis but also lived in Antigua and studied fashion design in New York, is a household name in the Federation due to her professional experience in the fashion industry and performing arts. Her fashion line “Her Best” exists under the auspices of her business name, Greenehouse Productions.

A former drama consultant with Nevis Island Administration (NIA) Brookes is set to bring a new perspective to the local fashion industry. This time round, Brooks is breaking existing tradition. Her models at the fashion show which is being done under her line, “Her Best”, will not all be slim. She has catered for every woman and all body types. “We are all types of women. We are not all tall and skinny. I felt it would be unjust to cater only for skinny women. I have a strong desire to make every woman feel special and make them feel good about themselves. Most women I have designed for tell me they feel extra ordinary special when they wear what I have designed for them”

Brooks has over the years been impressed by the way women dress here in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis and in the Caribbean as a whole, “Women here like to dress up. Even if they are not tall and slim, they dress up. They try to wear the latest fashion.”

Fashion lovers, store owners and those who wish to enlist to fight cancer by buying the ticket that allows you to participate in the fashion event on April 5, should expect to see very elegant clothing which will be up for sale.

“Those who turn up should expect very elegant clothing as well as simple clothing. We will have lots of evening wear, some of them belong on the red carpet. We will also have wedding gowns. I always wanted to do wedding gowns. I am interested in wedding gowns because I have travelled widely in the Caribbean and women in the region import wedding gowns. I have a passion to design wedding gowns for them.”

Asked why she has chosen to donate to Pink Lily Cancer Care, she said, “The fashion show is about women. I wanted to involve Pink Lily because, as women we have issues that are downplayed. I have learnt over the years that many women die of cancer. I feel we can do something about that. We need to look into preventative methods rather than concentrating on finding a cure,” Brooks said.

“If we can pool money together and concentrate on prevention and have women eat better and exercise, we can get rid of some of the risk factors. Cancer cells develop due to anxiety, poor eating and serious emotional and physical stress. I am donating EC$2.00 from every ticket sold to Pink Lily so we can intensify the fight against cancer,” she added.

Asked why she has a passion for fashion design, she said, “some people are born with that talent and I believe I was born with that gift to create and sew. When I went to New York, I studied fashion design and learnt the business end of it as well.”

Brooks is optimistic that fashion lovers will patronize the April 5 fashion event when she showcases her latest designs.

For more information and tickets call: 7642802, 6689660 or 6643306 or email: or or

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