International Women’s March Global event underway in Nevis

(ZIZ News) — In efforts to honour the champions of human rights, a march called international women’s march global is scheduled to take place this weekend on Nevis.

ZIZ spoke with Organizing Chair Carol Willauer who gave an overview of the Women’s March Global Event.

“The Women’s March Global that is happening here in Nevis is really part of an international movement inspired by a group of women in the United States originally. In 370 locations around the world, people will be gathering Saturday to support women’s rights and the rights of all people in response to the rising rhetoric of far-right populism occurring around the world”, she said.

Willauer added that everyone is invited and even children and pets are welcomed.

“It’s really in the spirit of democracy and honouring the champions of human rights. The march is in parallel with others fighting for women’s rights and human rights around the world. We planned for this to be a kid friendly and dog friendly march, everyone is welcomed. It’s non-partisan and is being held specifically to express support for women’s rights and human rights, rather than to criticize individual politicians or political parties”, Willauer expressed.

The route of the International Women’s March Global will begin at Café Des Arts, it will proceed along Main Street to the Court House Square and return along Hunkins drive and end back at the Café Des Arts vicinity.

More than 50 countries in 370 locations are expected to participate in the march.

The International Women’s March Global event is scheduled to take place from 9 to 11 a.m on Saturday in Charlestown.

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