Investigations take time

(ZIZ News) — Deputy Commissioner of Police, Hilroy Brandy says the force takes every allegation against a police officer seriously but investigations take time and he is calling for patience.

His comments come as an investigation is underway into an accident in Nevis involving a police vehicle and claims that a civilian was robbed by officers.

On Thursday police reported that officers responded to a call about a suspicious vehicle in Rawlins Village and found a man alone in the vehicle.

The police say they gave the man a lift home but as they were leaving he climbed onto the roof of the police vehicle, struck an officer in the face and that led to the crash.

However, the police have also stated that the man filed a report against the officers involved, claiming that they robbed him.

Deputy Commissioner Brandy said, “Our officers are sworn to protect the public, and the police service takes every allegation against an officer as a most serious concern and follows with an appropriate investigation, we hope that the public and the media can resist the desire to make judgement at this time and let the matter be fully investigated.”

Deputy Brandy said investigations “require time and thoroughness to ensure the protection of the rights of all involved.”

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