IUHS Awareness Programmes

(ZIZ)– The International University of Health Sciences is stepping up its awareness programme by launching several projects intended to make an impact on the local community.

IUHS President, Deforrest Borders III told ZIZ News that two upcoming initiatives will benefit local doctors.

The first is a Continual Medication Education programme, or CME.

“For CME what we’ve realized is that there is a tremendous opportunity for the local physicians here to access our platform which will be virtual case studies so that they can participate in continual medical education,” Borders explained.

He says local doctors can access the university’s library of case studies through a dedicated website.

Meanwhile, the school’s Doctor to Doctor Network will allow local doctors to contact specialists outside of St. Kitts.

“What we would do is provide them a platform where they will able to connect with physicians, specialists all over the world so rather than a physician leveraging their own rolodex they would be able to access an entire network, and of course there would be network effects. So we’re tremendously excited but I think it really speaks to our broader philosophy about how we can impact and connect people.”

He says the CME programme is expected to begin late summer and the Doctor to Doctor Network will come on stream in the near future.

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