Ivor Walters overpowers Maude Cross

FootballFilePhotoBSports Page — The Ivor Walters Primary School overpowered the Maude Cross Preparatory school on Wednesday 8th October at the ET Willet Park.

This as the action continued in the Giant Malt Primary School Football league on Nevis.

The Maude Cross Prep team seemed determined in the first half and even secured a consolation goal of their own off the boot of Carlon Tuckett but it was the Ivor Walters team that dominated with four precious strikes.

Final score: Ivor Walters Primary 4 Maude Cross Preparatory 1

Today’s game will see the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School coming up against the St.Thomas’ Primary School at the St.Thomas’ Primary School’s playing field, starting at 1.30 pm.

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