Jackeima Flemming Continues to Prepare for Ms World Pageant

(ZIZ News) – The 2015 Ms. World St. Kitts-Nevis candidate, Jackeima Flemming is getting ready to roll out her platform in support of persons living with disabilities.

“My platform is the same from in December, the National Carnival. I am an advocate for the disabled and the blind especially. That is a project that I can definitely relate to personally because I have Marfan Syndrome. It’s a hereditary disease that affects muscle and tissue building in the body and so, the muscles in my eyes are very, very weak so I had it very hard growing up,” Flemming said.

She continued, “It’s very, very hard to cope and it’s sometimes even difficult to normal society and normal people so this is something that I want to bring awareness to so that we can all, whether disabled of not disabled, live in a society where we are all treated equally and have the same opportunities.”

This week, Flemming sat down with ZIZ’s Jason Davis and spoke of her preparations for the pageant.

She said, “So far, preparations have been going very well. I have a good team behind me, very supportive. And, the project so far, which is my Beauty with a Purpose Project, that is going to be taking flight off the ground very soon thanks of course to the government who have been very supportive, might I add.”

Flemming is a seasoned pageant contestant. Recently, she represented St. Kitts in the Caribbean Culture Queen Pageant. In December 2014, she placed second runner-up in the National Carnival Queen Pageant.

As the excitement builds leading up to the December 19th show in China, Flemming wants her fans to keep abreast of her activities by “liking” her Facebook page.

“That was something that was mandatory from the Ms. World Committee, so for those of you who are interested, if you have any questions at all, any comments, feel free to go on Facebook, that’s Ms World St. Kitts-Nevis Jackeima Flemming, and like my page of course. You can follow me. I’ve been doing a lot of voluntary work and activities,” she explained.

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