Jail cell phone found

ZIZ NEWSROOM, Basseterre, March 12, 2012 — New equipment acquired by the police has led to the discovery of a cell phone in Her Majesty’s Prison.

According to a police statement, a joint team of the Delta Squad and prison officers conducted a search of Her Majesty’s Prison with a focus on detecting cell phones and other communication devices.

During the search one cellular phone was detected with the use of the new specialised equipment.

As a result of this find an investigation is underway to identify all persons and methods involved and used in achieving this security breach.

The commissioner of police wishes to assure the general public that all efforts will be employed to ensure and maintain not only an improvement of the standard of investigations but also to ensure that witnesses are better insulated from possible actions of persons in custody as we continue to take back our streets.

Police public relations officer Sergeant Stephen Hector says Commissioner Walwyn requested the new equipment came after credible intelligence gathered over the past six months.

He says more equipment is expected shortly.

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