Jamaican Culture Director to lead consultation on local culture policy

ZIZ News…Tuesday 22 June 2010 – St. Kitts and Nevis aim to benefit on a cultural level from the expertise of the Principal Director of Culture in Jamaica.

Sydney Bartley is currently in St Kitts, and attended the UNESCO Musical Heritage Project Seminar. Mr Bartley is offering his advice on how to expand culture in the Federation.

The Director went on to say that a cultural policy would help cement our way of life here in the Federation and allow non-nationals to have a sense of how we live, with regards to our physical and ingrained heritage.

Mr. Bartley said Caribbean people should embrace their culture and more specifically, the people of St Kitts- Nevis should protect and promote themselves on the global market.

According to the Director, linking culture with other local industries, such as tourism and education, is sure to foster an economic advantage.

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