Jamaicans encouraged to sponsor a child

Kingston, Jamaica (JIS) — Governor-General, Patrick Allen, has encouraged Jamaicans to sponsor needy children through the Hands across Jamaica for Righteousness Programme’s Sponsor a Child Initiative.

The project aims to identify and fulfil the needs of less fortunate children from less fortunate backgrounds who display the potential for academic excellence.

The programme, which is endorsed by the Ministry of Education, provides financial assistance to selected beneficiaries, thereby equipping them with the necessary resources for school, including books and meals.

In his remarks at the programme’s launch at King’s House, on Friday, Governor-General described it as “useful and critical for strengthening the base of this country.”

“Let’s sponsor our children where there are needs so that they, too, can share in the joy of being educated, and the quality of life that comes with receiving a good education,” he underscored.

For his part, Executive Chairman for Hands across Jamaica for Righteousness, Evangelist Errol Rattray, also encouraged support for the programme in order to safeguard less fortunate children against falling prey to persons who may be capable of fulfilling their needs but have illicit intentions

“Therefore, your support of this project is of great importance as it will assist in the development of a number of our children who are the future leaders of our country. It will make our country a better and a safer place to live,” he added.

The average costs for each youngster under the Sponsor a Child Initiative, include: $3,000 per week for breakfast, lunch, and transportation, while the annual cost for text books and educational supplies is $30,000; uniforms and shoes- $20,000; school trips and recreation – $15,000; and dental and medical care – $15,000.

The Sponsor a Child Initiative is slated to get underway in January 2016 with the commencement of provisions for 28 children from inner-city communities across Kingston and St Andrew, who will be shortlisted from 14 primary and high schools.

Participating sponsors will be provided with photographs of each child as well as regular updates on their progress in school.

These include quarterly academic reports, and assessments of the programme’s impact on the family, school, and community.

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