Jamaica’s first medical ganja company unveils products tomorrow

HenryLowe-1Kingston, Jamaica –Medicanja Limited, Jamaica’s first medicinal marijuana company, will unveil its line of products and services at the Eden Gardens Resort and Spa in Kingston, tomorrow (October 29).

Medicanja’s Founder and CEO, Dr Henry Lowe says that the company, which was launched in December, 2013, will be showcasing its ready for market medicinal cannabis (ganja) products and delivery mechanisms.

“Our research team has worked diligently to create an array of cannabis-based medicines to manage a range of medical conditions and improve quality of life,” Dr Lowe said.

Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining (STEM), Phillip Paulwell, will be the guest speaker at the function. Other speakers will include: former Prime Minister P J Patterson; and Professor Archibald McDonald, Principal of the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona.

Medicanja, is eyeing what it says is currently estimated as a US$7 billion export market for marijuana products.

Dr Lowe says that the main markets being eyed now are the US and Canada, but work is being done to develop others, including Europe, where there is significant research taking place, as an opportunity for the export of a variety of products, including seeds.

He said that there were also vast opportunities in the Caribbean, China and the rest of Asia.

Dr Lowe has for years been one of Jamaica’s leading researchers, looking into the medicinal value of various plants, including cannabis.

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