JamKit’s St. Christopher & Nevis extends greetings for Independence and Heroes’ Day 2012

Basseterre, St Kitts; 16 September 2012: We, the members of the Jamaican Kittitian (JamKit) Association, pause on this singular day to extend our greetings to the nation of St. Christopher and Nevis, today; Sunday, 16 September 2012. On this, the commemorative day when the nation celebrates its National Heroes, in this the 29th Anniversary of National Independence, we note that the Federation is truly on the cusp of a great celebratory accomplishment. This national milestone speaks to a maturity of the democratic process, an ingenuity of creative output and a resilience of social effort that can be considered both commendable and emulative.

The JamKit Association is particularly pleased to return the favour so kindly extended to us, the Jamaican community, here in the Federation earlier this summer, when warm expressions of congratulation and affinity were shared with us as we marked our own Independence Celebrations; albeit, of admittedly older vintage. There is no doubt that the warmth and genuine affection that extended to our people was forthcoming in the truest sense of regional synergy, and we hope that every kindest return will be accepted from us all.

Our Association acknowledges, with great reverence, the many contributions made to nation-building here in the Federation by the eminent leaders whose contributions were both singular and potent. We acknowledge:

1. The Right Excellent Sir Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw – First National Hero and Father of Independent St. Christopher and Nevis;
2. The Right Excellent Sir Caleb Azariah Paul Southwell – Former Chief Minister and Titan of the Industrial Movement;
3. The Right Excellent Sir Joseph N. France – Former Minister of Government and Social Advocate.

Their luminary lives of service, dedication and outreach remain beacons of the traits that can serve well all onlookers, as the Federation moves into a more mature phase of its political life.

JamKit also acknowledges, with expansive awareness, the many other contributors, whose operations have perhaps gone ‘under the radar’ in some respects, but whose efforts have not been insignificant in helping to engender positive social development in the Federation. Indeed, from various political dispensations, religious affiliations and ideological bents, their input into the life of this Federation has been both far reaching and impactful, and we commend their assistance in the establishment of a productive national space.

It must be noted, of course, that there continue to be challenges along the way. In recent times, we have all been privy to the intense and dynamic developments on the political landscape that have demonstrated the fact that there is no easy road ahead for a nation in its movement towards higher heights. There can be nothing but hope that the path will become clearer as the Federation becomes more confident in its political development.

We look forward to even greater accomplishments along the way. We anticipate more stories of social outreach and political collaboration. We anticipate the continued improvement in the quality of life of the Federation’s people: particularly its children, women, young men, elderly and families. We laud the strides that have been taken in this regard and that have been highlighted in such schemes as the Remarkable Teens Award Programme. Perhaps before long we will hear of the first Female National Heroine being recognised in the Federation; all part and parcel of the nation’s movement towards an even brighter future.

We proffer our warmest sentiments for this extended weekend celebration of National Heroes Day and the 29th Anniversary of Political Independence, and hope that blessings shall, in the Federation, truly ‘to posterity extend.’

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