JLPS hosts Cross Country Events for the Early Classes

Sports Page –The Jocelyn Liburd Primary school, got their cross country events for this year underway, on Thursday 29th January when the boys and girls in the classes Kindergarten, right up to grade three, participated in the event.

The route covered, commenced at an area between the Gingerland Secondary school and the Gingerland Health Center. The children ran along the main road to BRINO’S shop at Hull Ground where they made a turn and headed back to the school.

In the first race which featured the girls, Noella Freeman held her own right up to the finish line in first place, even though she received a stiff challenge from Tianna Griffin.

In the boys’ race, Hosea Pluck was leading up to the final 50 meters from the finish line, when out of the blue, Xavier Elliot made a late move and took the gold, moments away from the finish line.

The overall results are as follows:

Results of the Junior Girls’ Road Race 29-01-15

  1. Noella Freeman (Red) 3:15:40 New Record (broke her own record of 3:23:47)
  2. Tianna Griffin (Blue) 3:18:40
  3. Talianna Liburd (Blue) 3:40:17
  4. Calvincia Weekes (Green)
  5. Jamoya Mitchell (Red)
  6. Clydasia Freeman (Green)
  7. Shakirra Hobson (Blue)
  8. Rihanna Newman (Red)
  9. Kezonique Herbert (Red)
  10. Jelissa Browne (Red)

Total Points

Red :45 Green:36 Blue: 47

Results of the Junior Boys’ Road Race 29-01-15

  1. Xavier Elliott (Blue) 3:21:20
  2. Hosea Pluck (Green) 3:26:21
  3. Joric Daniel (Green) 3:31:47
  4. Samuel Daniel (Red)
  5. Carlon Ferdinand (Blue)
  6. Rajaun Fyfield (Blue)
  7. Nikedre Hendrickson (Green)
  8. Shamar Ottley (Green)
  9. Keniyo Challenger (Green)
  10. Keyano Liburd (Green

Total Points

Red: 31 Green: 53 Blue: 43

Overall Scores (Combined)

Red: 76 Green: 89 Green: 90

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