JNF receives EKG Machines

ZIZ News — Through the hard work of the students of the Windsor University School of Medicine, the Joseph N. France General Hospital is now in possession of two first class universal Electrocardiogram (EKG) machines to aid in the monitoring of heart ailments.

The students held a fundraising concert at the end of last year which generated $15000 to aid in the purchasing of the new EKG machines and the laptops and other equipment that will be used with them.

Chief Surgeon and Medial Chief of Staff of the JNF Hospital Dr. Cameron Wilkinson spoke to ZIZ about why these new machines will benefit the hospital.

“We have EKG’s,” he said.  “The problem with the other EKG’s that we’ve had before is that each machine requires a special paper and so sometimes you might run out of paper, ink, etc. With this new machine, that’s called a Universal EKG machine, it can be connected to a laptop or any computer and you can print the results on regular paper or you can email the results. So we have eliminated the need for you to have this special paper yet having a very first class instrument that can give you proper results.”

Operations Manager of JNF Hospital Lorna Adams thanked the Windsor University students for the role they played in raising the funds for the new EKG machines.

“We are always grateful for persons partnering with us as we continue to improve the quality of services that we offer at this institution. Once again students, thanks very much,” she said.

Every year the proceeds from the Windsor medical students’ concert go to the purchasing of equipment needed by the hospital.

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