Judge sets gay prostitute straight over sex claim

Kingston, Jamaica — A gay prostitute was on Tuesday reprimanded by a magistrate for repeating a claim that the district constable he’s charged with robbing was a client of his, instead of answering her question.

Twenty-one-year-old Everton ‘London’ Malcolm was arrested and charged for robbery with aggravation and assault at common law following allegations that he tried to rob a district constable while he was in his car at a traffic light in New Kingston.

On his last appearance in court, Malcolm said the district constable was a client of his. He said he was not trying to rob the district constable and that he was only trying to talk with him about money he owed for a previous sexual favour.

On Tuesday, Corporate Area Magistrate Simone Maddix asked Malcolm if he would be getting a lawyer, at which point he launched into his sex claim.

“Your honour, me a represent miself cause a two time me work him. Am a sex worker and me sex him twice,” Malcolm said quickly, as the middle-aged looking complainant looked on in silence.

“Stop it!” Maddix snapped. “I did not ask you about your sex life, I asked you if you will be getting a lawyer.”

She repeated the question to which Malcolm said ‘no’.

A September 2 trial date was then set and Malcolm remanded into custody.

However, before he left the courtroom, Malcolm complained that he was being beaten in custody and was not given any food or water.

In responding, the magistrate told Malcolm that the entire country was going through a water crisis.

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