Keep It Up! Cayon Residents Voice Strong Support for Police’s Efforts

Basseterre, St. Kitts, October 02, 2019 (RSCNPF): Residents of Cayon have voiced their strong support for initiatives being undertaken by the Officers posted at the Cayon Police Station and the Organisation on a whole.


During a recent ‘Policing With You’ radio programme, callers from the area expressed how pleased they were with the Police’s efforts.


“I called to commend you all, the police, for what you all are doing in the community because we have seen a big change in a lot of negative activity that used to take place in the community so kudos to all the police them…Keep it up Police. We love it!” revealed on caller.


Another said, “Thank you all for what you have done…God is with you all and you all are doing well.”


A caller was sure to let the Police know that they were adored by members of society, while another noted that the Explorers programme, of which the Police were an integral part, had set a very good foundation for the youth in the community.


Speaking during that episode of ‘Policing With You’, Sergeant Delroy Harris, the Supervisor at the Cayon Police Station was commended for his approach to his work. He was encouraged to continue doing a good job.


One caller told him that she was “glad to hear Police talk about Cayon and its people as a friendly people.”


Sergeant Harris described the people of Cayon as “very approachable and very forthcoming with any information.” He stated that one of his first acts as supervisor was to create a list of crime tips with the Officers under his command. They then distributed the tips persons in the community and business operators. He assured persons listening that foot and mobile patrols remain a constant part of the day to day operation of the station.


Over the past few months, the station has held a number of community events including its most recent August Monday celebration. This event took place on Wade Street and featured activities such as boxing, dominoes, cricket and football, as well as food, drinks and music. Another fun day had also been held in June for Father’s Day and the station intends to put on other activities in the near future.

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