Kiddies Cricket Annual Camp commences

CricketFilePhotoKSports page— The Scotia Bank Kiddies Cricket festival commenced on Monday 28th January.

The brief ceremony saw the official opening of the training camp which was conducted at the ET Willet Park on Sunday, by the local Scotia Branch Manager.

The almost twenty children were thereafter closely watched and monitored as they were taught the fundamentals and basics of the game of Cricket.

They were coached and closely watched by Derrick Parry; Carl Tuckett and; Livingstone Lawrence.

They also were left to the mercies of National Trainer, Masefield Nisbett who ensured that they went through their paces, long before they could hold a bat and ball.

Leeward Islands Territorial Developmental; Officer, Junie Mitchum noted that the program is geared mainly to Primary school students who are about to head to the secondary school. Here they are able to make the transition from using the plastic balls and bats and move to another level in using the real bats and hard balls.

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