Kiddies’ Cricket Camp underway

Sports Page — A brief but impressive ceremony was held at the ET Willet Park on Monday 13th July. This as the one week kiddies’ cricket summer camp officially got on the way.

Sports Coordinator at the Ministry of Sports, Mr. Carl Tuckett, chaired the program and delivered the invocation.

The over forty participants then teamed up to lustily render the national anthem.

Brief remarks were delivered by the chief Coordinator of the program, Mr. Junie Mitchum, the Leeward Islands Territorial Development officer.

He pointed out that the camp was geared to the holistic development of the participants as well as helping them to make an easier transition to the grass roots program, a little later in their development.

He stated that the participants will be taught more advanced skills and techniques than those previously learnt through the kiddies’ cricket program.

Mitchum also mentioned a number of participants who had gone on to represent the Leeward Islands team at various levels of the youth program. These included: Boognarine Sharma; Tiwan Prentice; Shevaun Jeffers; Kean Pemberton and Zario Chumney

He also took time out to salute the work of the coaches and the significant role being played by Scotia Bank.

He asked the young participants to take the one week camp seriously, learn a lot but to have fun.

Local Scotia Bank manager, Miss Ebony Harp, noted that her institution has been sponsoring the kiddies’ cricket program for over 15 years and stated that the skills learnt would hold the participants in good stead for their entire life.

She left this meaningful quote by Norman Peal, with the participants: ‘Shoot for the moon and even if you miss, you would land among the stars.’

She also thanked Mr. Mitchum and the coaches for their tremendous efforts over the years and officially declared the camp open.

The camp is set to conclude on Friday 17th July but it has been proposed that they will engage in simulation matches on the last two days.

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