King Konris 6-Time Senior Calypso Monarch

King Konris is crowned Senior Calypso Monarch for the sixth time.

With a total score of 864 point: 420 points in round one for “Finish de Song” and 444 points in round two for “By de Breath”, King Konris edged out the remaining eight calypsonians, beating the first runner up Nigel “Rudder” Williams by 78 points.

Rudder accumulated 402 points in round one with his song “Turn a Blind Eye” and 384 points in round two with “MV Federation” giving him a total of 786 points.

Second runner up went to Jacqueline “Singing Jackie” Leader who amassed a total of 728 points: 357 in round one for her calypso “The Kittitian in Me” and “Time For Calypso Queen” gave her 371 in round two.

Closing out the positions, was the 3rd runner up Duncan “Big Lice” Wattley with 723 points: 351 points in round one for “Country Before Party” and 372 points in round two for “Ask De Pm”.

Calypsonians were judged using the Hi-Lo method for lyrics, music and performance.

This method discarded the highest and lowest scores in each category for each appearance. The sum of the remaining scores was used as the final total.

The other calypsonians were Calypso Craig, Lady Diva, Ace, King Godfrey and I Soursop.

MC for the night, Calypso Reggie, kept the crowd entertained while a side show was hosted by EK The Real Right. That featured first runner up in the Power Soca Monarch finals, Khyla Browne and recently crowned Junior Calypso King, De Conqueror Chris.

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