King Konris says thank you to his fans

ZIZ News…Dec 31 2012 — King Konris, the 2012-2013 National Calypso Monarch of St. Kitts and Nevis is reaching out to his fans and family by thanking them for what they have contributed in anyway.

Firstly, to God Almighty, thank you for giving me the patience, strength, courage, and wisdom that allow me, through your grace, to contribute to my country through the art form of Calypso. I understand that the talents I have were given by you and that my success is not solely a result of my own doing but that you have walked with me throughout my journeys. I ask that you continue to keep me grounded and also continue to allow me to inspire positivity among my country folk, especially the youth, so that we can aspire to be better people creating a better nation.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my immense gratitude to my fans, friends, church and family for the overwhelming support that I have received this season and for all the years past. Without your love and support, I could not be doing this. You have always given me a reason to continue and a reason to want to produce music that is not only enjoyable but music that can touch some aspect of your own lives. I must also send out a big thanks to the DJs who play my music.

Although most of you only see and hear the end product of the music and performances presented, there is a wonderful immediate team around me that brings it all together. I would like to publicly extend my deepest and sincerest gratitude to my wife, Shamara Morton-Maynard who is my foundation and completion; my father, Linkon Maynard, who is my mentor and guide; my mother, Verlyn Maynard, who is my teacher and disciplinarian; my sister, Janielle, who is my creative insight and PR consultant; my little sister, Lynicia, who is truly my number one fan; my uncle, Harold X Maynard, who is my soldier and philosophical dictionary; my uncle, Antonio Maynard, who is my calypso development contributor; and my Aunt Cheryleann Pemberton who provides perspective.

I had a most wonderful time on stage on Friday 28th December 2012 and it will always be treasured in my heart. I would also like to congratulate the other participants who made it to the Finals. Special congratulations must be extended to Big Lice who captured 3rd runner-up, Singing Jackie who took the 2nd runner-up position, and Rudder who placed 1st runner-up.

He concluded his thank you message by stating that now the New Year is upon us may we all strive to be better citizens of our beloved nation where love and not hate is the order of the day.

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