King of Calle Reigns Supreme

Despite the lot of talk and challenges sent in the general direction of Gavin Moon Clarke, his popular vehicle known as King of Calle, left all completion in its smoke on Sunday 12th January.

This as the Nevis Drag Racing Unit held its first race meet for the year.

According to CJ Bartlette at the Unit, the race which was mostly a local event, except for a lone female participant out of Antigua, was a makeup event for the previously scheduled and rained out event in December.  There were several participants from St.Kitts.

A fair sized crowd attended the event and those present, thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The summarized results in terms of the winners in the various categories were as follows:

14 seconds—Samuel Matthew of Nevis

12 seconds—Felix Smithen of Nevis

13 seconds—Bernel Nisbett of Nevis

Outlaw category—Gavin Clarke—Nevis

10 seconds–Renee Edwards-Ambrose—Antigua

11 seconds—Raynaldo Chiverton—Nevis

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