King of Calle Reigns Supreme

Sports Page-Thursday 8th August 2013–King of Calle did its growing reputation no harm when it ran the fastest time at the recent Culturama Drag race meet held at the St.James’ Raceway.

The meet was held over the period Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th August.

KING OF CALLE’s owner, Gavin MOON Clarke literally jumped over the moon, as he watched his car clock 5.5 seconds in the 1/8 mile distance.

The meet attracted hundreds of excited spectators including Minister of Sports, Hon. Mark Brantley who applauded the organizers for their sterling efforts in providing entertainment value for especially the younger generation. He noted that he was impressed with the participation level and the competitiveness of the races.

The islands represented were: Antigua; St.Kitts; St.Croix; St.Maarten; Anguilla and host Nevis.

When the smoke cleared the overall top performers were as follows:

14 seconds category
1st Kimo Liburd -St.Kitts
2nd Reese Liburd -St.Kitts

13 seconds category
1st Samuel SAMMIE Matthew -Nevis
2nd Kareem KAH KAH Walters -Nevis

12 seconds category
1st Alexander James -St.Kitts
2nd Michan Harriar—Nevis
11 seconds category
1st Dwayne DaCosta—St.Kitts
2nd Trevon Liburd -Anguilla

10 seconds category
1st Leonard Allen -St.Kitts
2nd Ric Pennyfeather

Open Class category
1st Gavin MOON Clarke-Nevis
2nd Juan Carlos Rivera

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