King of the Tents Calypso Competition Date Set

Two media organizations in St. Kitts & Nevis are joining forces this year to present, what could very well turn out to be, one of the most exciting and fun-filled carnival events for 2011.

At a special ceremony held on Wednesday 7th December at Port Zante, representatives from the online media outlet, and officials from ZIZ Radio & Television Station, participated in the official launch of what is to be called, the King of the Tents Calypso Competition, scheduled to take place on Wednesday 21st December, at Fat Tuesday, port Zante.

CEO of, Val Henry said, “The King of the Tents is a second year feature to the carnival season line-up…to feature the best of the social commentators [and] the calypsonians who do not necessarily qualify for the Finals of the Senior Calypso Monarch Competition.”

“These are the ones however, who provide the flavor and sometimes the most memorable lines in calypso during the season. It is ‘a not to be missed show’; it is a barrel of laughter and excitement. You never know how many new verses will be added; you never know how the costumes will change. Simply put, it is a night of belly bursting fun,” Henry continued.

He said the event is designed to help in the promotion of the art-form of calypso in St. Kitts & Nevis, especially the unique styles and creativity of our witty, funny and entertaining calypsonians.

Meanwhile, Grell Browne, the Advertising & Marketing Manager for ZIZ indicated that, “Last year, ZIZ teamed with to bring to the public, the King of the Tents and the show was an overwhelming success; and the persons who attended enquired as to whether or not it would be repeated this year, to become an annual event. We have analysed the response from last year’s show and we decided yes, it must be an annual carnival feature.”

The ten calypsonians who will participate are to be selected this Friday 9th December, on ZIZ Radio between 1:30pm-2:30pm. The public will be invited to call in to vote on their choice for the field of calypsonians to enter the contest.

There will be no formal judges said Henry. The public will be the ones making the final decisions about the winners. The criteria he said for judging will include crowd response and overall impact on the audience. Patrons will be given ballots to cast their votes.

Persons in attendance on the night, and those viewing via the live internet stream on, would be able to vote to determine the winner. Fans here and overseas would also have the opportunity to send a TEXT Vote for their favorite calypsonian, compliments local telecommunications company, LIME.

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