Labour Party rookie beats PAM leader, Lindsay Grant

Glen ‘Ghost’ Phillip

(Labour Secretariat): Following the January 25th General Elections, the PAM’s (People’s Action Movement) fourth consecutive defeat was a case of ‘adding insult to injury’ when the St.Kitts/Nevis Labour Party new-comer (of Constituency #4), Glenn ‘Ghost’ Phillip, beat the PAM leader, Lindsay Grant.

Grant has led the opposition party for some ten years and this had been his second consecutive bid to become an elected parliamentarian of the country.

Phillip’s championed stance in the political arena, as a rookie, has further proven that the leadership and popularity of PAM is weak and unappealing to the electorate, especially the young voters, who are said to have been the RED (Ready, Energetic and Devoted) pillar that helped to secure the Labour Party’s historic win and has disallowed PAM’s ‘Wind of Change’ to destructively ventilate the political atmosphere.

One reputable political scientist, Peter Wickham speaking about Grant’s leadership, during a recent televised interview with Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) out of Barbados said “I think it’s the end of the line for him. I certainly do feel that it is a major embarrassment for him. He led a party for (ten) years even though he was not the one who was elected.”

PAM’s leader Lindsay Grant

In the race leading up to the General Elections, Phillip had shared his feelings that the PAM leader, Lindsay Grant was intimidated by the chance he (Grant) stood in getting the majority support of the electorate.

Looking back, following Grant’s defeat, it would appear as though the PAM leader sensed his fate and the unsecured win of his party, in his failed attempt to get some sort of confrontation regarding campaign posters.

“The posters are not going to walk inside the polling booth and vote. It is the people of Constituency #4 who will go to the ballots and place their X’s for me on Election Day,” was the message issued to Grant by Phillip, while speaking at a massive public meeting of the party held in Trafalgar Village (West Basseterre).

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