Last Courts ‘Stash of Cash’ winner takes EC$3,000

Ms Antoinette Daniel is escorted into the Courts megastore in Basseterre by Stash of Cash models.

Basseterre St. Kitts (January 15, 2012) — In a highly charged and carnival like atmosphere at the Courts St. Kitts and Nevis Ltd megastore on Bay Road in Basseterre last Friday, Nevisian Ms Antoinette Daniel who had arrived under the impression that she was going to attend a meeting, left the store surprised and EC$3,000 richer.

She was the last of seven winners in the Courts ‘Stash of Cash’ promotion. She had the opportunity to win up to EC$15,000 if she chose, from six briefcases, the one that contained the highest figure. She picked case number five and stuck to it even when given the option to switch. It contained EC$3,000, the lowest of the amounts on offer. It was (January) Friday the 13th.

Ms Daniel, who had travelled from Nevis, was on arrival not immediately recognized by the ecstatic group of Courts Stash of Cash models, Host Mr. Stash (Ramonge Benjamin) and Courts staff led by Marketing Officer Ms. Theresia Pemberton. She walked into the megastore and appeared surprised if not confused to see a carnival like atmosphere and it was only after she made some inquiries that they realised she was the person they were waiting for.

“Antoinette, here is our request: There are six cases containing different cash amounts,”said Mr Stash (Ramonge Benjamin). “Choose the right one and you will walk out of here a big, big winner. You get a chance to select one case; that case is yours to keep, unless you decide to swap your case with another case when we give you the chance to do so. The cases you are looking at contain from $3,000 to $15,000.”

To qualify for the Stash of Cash promotion, Ms Daniel had purchased a bedroom set from Courts in Nevis. Now that she was given the chance to pick the case with the highest amount, the crowd outside was giving her their choice, but she settled for briefcase number 5. At that stage, Mr. Stash told her that they would open the other cases to find out what she did not choose.

Briefcase No 4 contained $10,000, while briefcase No 1 contained $5,000. “You are still in the game,” said Mr. Stash. “You still have the chance to win $15,000.” She was given the opportunity to swap with one of the remaining briefcases 2, 3, or 6 but she declined.

“Do you believe $15,000 is stashed in case number 5?” Mr. Stash asked. She nodded in the affirmative. Briefcase No 6 was opened at that stage, and in it was $8,000. “You are still in the game,” said Mr. Stash. “The good question is; where is that $15,000? There are still two cases on the stage.”

Brief case No 2 was opened at that stage and to the excitement of all present, as it contained $15,000 meaning that Ms Daniel had missed the top amount. She was then asked to open her briefcase, No 5, which contained $3,000. When the last briefcase, No 3 was opened, it was found to have contained $4,500.

“I am surprised and shocked,” said Ms Daniel after she received her cheque. “I did not know that is why I came here for, so I am surprised. It feels very good. I am glad I was chosen for the Stash of Cash promotion and I would encourage anyone to shop at Courts — Courts is the place to shop.”

Ms Antoinette Daniel and Mr Stash — Ramonge Benjamin — (centre) with Stash of Cash models after Ms Daniel received her cheque.

According to the Marketing Officer at Courts, Ms Theresia Pemberton, the Stash of Cash promotion started in October last year, while the first draw was done in November. “Out of a possible $5,000 we had two winners, Mr. Steve Mason who won $5,000 and Ms Tamina Byron who won $1,500,” she said.

Out of a possible $10,000 Ms Taneka Rawlins won $3,000 and Ms Orlene McCurdy won $7,000. In the Bonus Stash of Cash, for customers who had shopped just before Christmas, Ms. Joycelyn Emory won $1,200out of a possible $1,800.

Out of the possible $15,000 Ms Swarsattie Persaud of Nevis, the only participant who agreed to swap the briefcase when given the chance, walked home with$15,000. That draw, which was held on Saturday December 17 last year, was held at the Nevis Courts store, Stoney Grove. The final amount, $3,000 out of a possible $15,000 was also won by a Nevis client, Ms Antoinette Daniel.

We had a total of $60,000 to give away for October-December and we ended up giving away $35,700,” observed Ms Theresia Pemberton. “We are still in the process of deciding what else big we can do for this year, but of course we always surprise our customers with something special, so you can look out. We are still on the drawing board … if you thought this was big, then you can expect something bigger this year.”

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