Learning Support Department Promotes Academic Ability through Friendly Rivalry

(EMU) St. Kitts — A Choral Speaking Competition, the final activity in a series (February 19 to 26) organized by the Learning Support Department (LSD) of the Curriculum Development Unit (CDU) produced a sense of accomplishment in youngsters who participated.

According to Learning Support Coordinator at the Curriculum Development Unit (CDU) Mrs. Eleanor Phillip, the Ministry of Education through the LSD, initiated these activities in 2012, as part of an Academic and Social Skills Programme.

This programme was created to motivate students who are a part of the Learning Support Cohort, to familiarize them with social skills as well as the pursuit of academic excellence.

This year, with the focus on academics, students participated in friendly competition by way of a Reading Competition; Mathematics Quiz, Spelling Contest and Finally Choral Speaking Competition.

Education Officer Mr. Darryll Lloyd told the Education Media Unit that the Ministry supports the view that just as competition is used to motivate people in the world of business so too can it lead students to consistently perform their best.

The results of the Choral Speaking Competition were such: first place, Charles E Mills; second place, Washington Archibald High School and third place Cayon High School. The Spelling Competition was won by Cayon High with Verchilds taking second place and Saddlers taking the third position. Verchilds High was first in Reading, Charles E Mills second and Saddlers, third.

The theme for the event was ‘Promoting Learning through Friendly Competition’.

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