Legal System and the Economy

ZIZ News September 25, 2013 — Lawyers contribution to society has not been looked at as being beneficial or non-beneficial to economic growth.

This is according to Charles Wilkin Q.C. , President of the St Kitts- Nevis Bar Association.

Speaking on the role of the legal system in the socio-economic development of the country, with a focus on the role that the bar plays, Wilkin says legal practitioners must look at the legal system as part of the economic system and consider how well they can contribute to Gross Domestic Product or GDP.

He says while nobody does a calculation of the dollar value of adjournments and time and money wasted in the legal system, the reality is the impact is unquestionable and legal practitioners ought to pay attention to that fact.

He says this also applies to the quality of lawyers practicing within the country.

The bar association president was at the time addressing other legal practitioners at the opening of the new law term.

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