Lewis explains the Link between Sports and Beauty Pageants

(ZIZ News) – Jaheida Lewis is set to use her platform as a contestant in the upcoming National Carnival Queen Pageant to be an advocate for the development of women’s football.

Lewis is an avid footballer who has represented St. Kitts and Nevis on three separate occasions with the Under-23 Women’s Team.

She said her passion for the sport blossomed after getting involved in the grassroots programme.

She said, “While being involved in developing these young players, my passion actually started, it started burning from there. I love football, hence that’s why I play but also being deeply involved with the kids and also using your experience to help and encourage others to be a part of this programme developed the passion that I really have because I too want to see the change in football.”

Lewis said it is important for other young ladies to understand the link between sports and beauty pageants.

“I’ve learnt to be disciplined, I’ve learnt to be strong both mentally and physically and also to be prepared for any challenges that I’m facing right about now so I’m very thankful for being a football player. Some people may feel like football and pageantry don’t mix but trust me, you’re already like 50 percent winning when you’re a football player,” Lewis added.

She endorsed the St. Kitts and Nevis Football Association’s “Live Your Goal” programme.

“It helps to encourage other girls to be involved because what we are trying to, we’re trying to get a vast number of girls involved in football and we tend to create more opportunities for these girls, so the more girls the more opportunities we will have for them. Also with the “Live Your Goal” programme, they create other programmes to develop the girls so we don’t just want to come out and play, we want them to come on out, develop their skills and they too will be successful,” she said.

Lewis, who said she will resume playing football after the Christmas/Carnival season, presently plays for the Rams Village Superstars.

The National Carnival Queen Pageant will take place on December 27th.

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