LIBRARIAN (Nevis) Clears the Air on EducationUSA Advising Centre

Maria Salmon Mercedes

ZIZ News…Feb 18, 2013 — In a recent press release from the Ministry of Education on St. Kitts regarding the visit of Mrs. Maria Salmon Mercedes EDUSA REAC, it stated that the objective of the visit was to ‘seek to explore the feasibility of establishing such a centre locally.’

I wish to state that such a centre does exist on the island of Nevis and has been for over 12 years. The EducationUSA Advising Centre as it is referred to is an established and recognized centre by the US Department of State, located at the Nevis Public Library, Charlestown.

The centre successfully:
1) provides guidance for students and young adults in exploring tertiary education in the United States.
2) conducts S.A.T (Scholastic Aptitude Test), minimum requirement for university entrance in the United States on Mondays and Wednesdays
3) executes bi-annual international college fairs
4) Conducts orientation and pre-departure sessions
5) facilitates university visits
6) coordinates visits to parent teachers meetings etc.

As the EducationUSA Adviser, I also visited with the Librarian on St. Kitts in an effort to establish a similar space at the Public Library.

In March and October 2012, I introduced myself to the Minister of Education, St. Kitts introducing the role of the Advising Centre and also held discussions with the Guidance Counseling Unit.

Further information regarding the validity of the Nevis Centre can be googled at and the United States Embassy on Barbados.

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