LIME appreciates PEP interns’ contribution

Mrs Karen Blackett, LIME’s Human Resource Manager (back left) with PEP interns, Ms Sasha Jeffery, and Ms Darisa Hanley (front left) and Ms Kerein Seargent.

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS (May 17, 2013) — Telecommunication provider, LIME, which is among the several employers that have partnered with the People Employment Programme (PEP) to give internship to young persons who registered as jobseekers with the programme , is reporting that the partnership has been beneficial.

“PEP has been beneficial in terms of LIME and its contribution to our working environment,” says Mrs Karen Blackett, LIME’s Human Resource Manager. “Currently we have four PEP interns working at LIME, one is in Debt Management Department, and we have another two working with Marketing and one in Finance.”

Mrs Blackett notes that LIME is making good use of the People Employment Programme, and adds that “we are very appreciative of the contribution that the interns are making and my interaction with them thus far, they have indicated that they are learning a lot, and we have welcomed them into the LIME family and I think they have adjusted quite well to date.”

LIME has come out not just as an equal opportunity employer, but the employer of choice in the words of a former PEP intern Ms Caley Greaux, who has since been employed as a temporary cashier, with her famous pronouncement that she had put her foot “in the door at LIME.”

The other PEP interns, Ms Darisa Hanley, Ms Kerein Seargent, Ms Sasha Jeffery, and Ms Amber Stapleton, are saying that they will not let themselves down, and are promising both LIME and PEP that they will perform exceptionally now that they have been given the chance to work with the telecommunications giant.

Finance Manager, Mr Michael Davis, reports that Ms Darisa Hanley who is working under him did not have any past experience in the field she is working and he thinks that she is doing well in the circumstance.

“She has been very helpful since she joined us,” says Mr Davis. “It is a welcome resource for us because we are a bit stretched in the Finance Department and we welcome it. We are trying to put together some plans to have her assist us in testing procedures and so forth, and those commenced this month May until the expiration of her tenure.”

Ms Merlese Maynard, Manager Debt Management, Debt and Collection Department, who is supervising 20-year old Ms Amber Stapleton of Buckley’s, says that the PEP intern is working well with her team, dealing with sending out letters to customers, assisting in returned bills, and refunds to customers.

Ms Merlese Maynard, Manager Debt Management, Debt and Collection Department (centre), with former PEP intern, now LIME temporary employee, Ms Caley Greaux (left), and PEP intern, Ms Amber Stapleton.

Ms Maynard, who also supervised Ms Caley Greaux before she applied and got a temporary position as a cashier, says of Ms Stapleton: “She is doing well. Up to this morning I asked her, how are you liking it, and she said she is liking the job. She is comfortable and the experience will be good for her.”

According to Ms Stapleton, “PEP is a wonderful programme as it is giving young people an opportunity to get themselves a hands-on feeling of their career, and what they want to do and giving them a chance.”

Ms Darisa Hanley, 23, from Newton Ground went to Sandy Point High School. She had a part time job at a supermarket in Newton Ground, and then worked at Clear Harbour and after it closed down she was at home unemployed.

“I learnt about PEP online,” says Ms Hanley. “I decided to apply because when I go out to look for work, all I am hearing is they do not accept unless you are from the PEP. I chose the business segment and I was assigned here since March 7. I am learning. I am being trained well and I believe I can look for a job with confidence. I find PEP to be helpful, and I would encourage others to apply.”

Ms Kerein Seargent, 27, graduated from the Washington Archibald High School and had part time work experience with two organisations but was unemployed when the People Employment Programme was launched.

“Being unemployed and looking for a job, a family member told me about the programme and so I applied for it and I am here,” says Ms Seargent. “One had about five options and they pushed me to LIME. I am comfortable and I would actually like to get a permanent job here. My boss is very nice, and I have learnt a lot. I am specialising in the phone area.”

20-year old Ms Sasha Jeffery of Tabernacle Village is a graduate of the Cayon High School. After she left school she briefly worked at Ross University as a bookstore clerk and at two restaurants, but was unemployed at the time PEP was launched.

“I heard about PEP from a family friend and I went to sign up the same day they had the launch at Bank Street on December 24 by the Rt Hon Dr Denzil Douglas,” recalls Ms Jeffery. “A month later, I got the job and was sent to LIME. Working here is good, my boss is great, everybody is friendly and nice, no complaints. The job, the training is good and it is giving me the courage to explore new horizons.”

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