LIME granted license to sell carrier services in the Dominican Republic

LIME Enters Dominican Republic – Joelle Exarhakos, Indotel Executive Director, David Perez, Indotel President and David Crawford, LIME Chief Operations Officer

ZIZ News…May 10 2011 – LIME, owner of the newly installed submarine fibre optic under-sea East-West Cable System, and the Dominican Telecommunications Institute (Indotel), have signed a concession agreement under which LIME will be able to sell wholesale services to licensed operators in the Dominican Republic.

The investment, which is valued at approximately US$35 million, attests to the growing demand for capacity in the Dominican Republic and the region. The cable will provide leading-edge broadband capacity and reliable network services to help to fulfil that market demand.

The contract was signed by LIME’s Chief Operating Officer, (COO) David Crawford and Indotel’s Executive Director, Joelle Exarhakos.

“LIME will continue enhancing its wholesale proposition as we keep leading the provision of capacity, connectivity and carrier services within the region,” Mr. Crawford said. “Our wholesale offering will directly help stimulate broadband in the Dominican Republic since we will be enabling more capacity at a lower cost than local operators have ever had access to before.”

Ms. Exarhakos lauded LIME for demonstrating its confidence in the Dominican Republic by making this substantial investment and said that Indotel, the country’s telecommunications regulatory body, was wholeheartedly extending a formal welcome to the company.

LIME’s East-West cable is designed to provide leading-edge broadband capacity and meet the anticipated demand for faster Internet speeds which are currently required to support growing customer needs and facilitate the expansion in Internet penetration in the Caribbean Region, particularly in the Dominican Republic. The undersea cable system, which became operational in February, has tripled the available bandwidth in the Dominican Republic.

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