Local Journalists Attend US Sponsored Workshop

Luis Botello
Luis Botello

ZIZ News — Journalists of the federation were given the opportunity to learn more about their profession at a workshop held on Tuesday (April 1st).

The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean hosted the workshop for editors and journalists focusing on “Best practices in Journalism” and “Using Social Media in Journalism.”

Senior Program Director of Special Projects at the International Center for Journalists, Luis Botello, who led the workshop, said it was important as it helps journalists to hone skills and learn ways to develop credibility.

“We are in a new eco-system where there is an information overload. In order to make sure that journalists have the credibility and at the same time stand out as the media that can provide credible information so people can actually make decisions, journalists have to have the skills to navigate all that information,” he said.

Mr. Botello said the goal of the workshop was to show journalists new ways of doing journalism while keeping the core concepts.

He noted, “I hope that we could open some eyes and provide some tools so that journalists can see that there are new ways of doing journalism, that there are things that they might not be thinking but that they are there….the core journalism and how to create credibility is still important.”

Mr. Botello is expected to lead a similar workshop in Barbados.

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