Local service providers hailed as another project gets off the ground

Mr. Faron Lawrence

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, MARCH 12TH 2013 (CUOPM) – Local service providers are being hailed for their sterling contribution to the soon to be constructed US$10 million 86 one-bedroom Imperial Bay St. Kitts Golf and Beach Residences.

“Having decided on the basic framework of the project, Williams Architecture the services of Williams Architecture were employed to assist in this regard. A team comprising mainly of local service providers were assembled under the management of Williams Architecture to develop the project plans to the satisfaction of the Developers as well as The Development Control and Planning Board. Consistent with their motto, it was ‘decision with precision’ through the entire process by Williams Architecture. They paid attention to every detail, they were responsive in a very timely manner and indeed it was a pleasure to work with the team at Williams Architecture,” said Mr. Faron Lawrence, who will manage and operate the project.

He disclosed that the design team was comprised, Architectural Design, Williams Architecture; Structural Engineering, Mr. Errol Douglas; Air conditioning Design, Mr. Edmund Tross; ICT Design, Mr. Ashford Franks, Diamond Security; Electrical Design, Mr. Patrick Lanns; Plumbing Design, Mauricio Corea & Associates.

“The project is comprised of 6 buildings comprising 84, 1 bedroom Condominium units; A common area, comprised of an office and leisure room; A common swimming pool topped off with a beautiful landscaping. Bringing a project of this size from concept in mind to concept fully fleshed out on paper involves a tremendous amount of work and involves many persons and entities,” said Mr. Lawrence.

Dr. Sirous Montsevassal (left) and Mr. Faron Lawrence at the ground breaking ceremony. (Photos by Giles Dickenson)

He identified major players whom he said deserve special mention including The Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Dr. Denzil L. Douglas “who reaches out far and wide beyond the shores of our islands to establish relationships that continuously results in bringing back the economic and other opportunities for the citizens of St. Kitts & Nevis. This project here today and I can say to you the KOI Resort Project adjacent to us here, are direct results of those efforts of our Honourable Prime Minister.”

“Having gotten an investor to come to our country, his or her decision to invest depends to a large extent on finding quality service providers who understand the development process and has the technical know-how and varied incentives offered by government to attract investors. In this regard, the services of Mr. Wendell Lawrence through the offices of CGC was quite instrumental and of utmost importance. Understanding the importance of direct foreign investment to our country, the government has put in place some very creative incentive packages to attract foreign investors to St. Kitts and Nevis,” said Mr. Lawrence, who also mentioned the various government departments – Ambassador Hazelle and her team at SKIPA, Mrs. Cheryl-Anne Pemberton and her team at the CBI Unit, Mr. Edmeade and his team at the Development Control and Planning Board, The Ministry of Finance and Customs Department and the firms of Gonsalves Hamel-Smith and of Dublin And Johnson for professional legal services.

The land for the development was bought from Mr. Anthony Kelsick and his fellow directors of St. Kitts Developments Limited (S.L. Horsford & Co. Ltd).

“Notwithstanding all the efforts of our Honourable Prime Minister, our knowledgeable service providers, the government’s wonderful incentive programs and the like, if potential investors to our country do not like us they will not invest here. It is for this reason that e must acknowledge the important role played by our people in making our visitors feel welcomed, safe, home away from home and ultimately, that St. Kitts and Nevis is the perfect place to invest,” said Mr. Lawrence.

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