Logos Hope crew speak of joy of living a Christian life on the sea

ZIZ NEWS…15 May 2010 – The crew of the Logos Hope ship, which is currently docked in Port Zante, has spoken of their joy of being able to share a Christian life on the oceans waves, with over 400 volunteers of the same faith.

Captain of the Logos Hope, James Thomas Dyer, spoke of how the close bonding of all those on board the ship is encouraged. He said being on board the ship, often for a period of two years, is not all hard work and outlined the range of activities available to those on board.

According to Captain Dyer events are organised to ensure that all those living on the ship get a chance to uphold their Christian faith but also to have fun. The captain also outlined what it was like to live with colleagues from over 45 different countries.

Crew member Chantal Minaar hails from South Africa. She spoke of the highlights of being in the Caribbean, which she says feels just like home.

One of the major highlights aboard the Logos Hope is a floating book fair where book lovers are overwhelmed by the range and numbers of books available to buy.

There is still time to get on board the Logos Hope as it doesn’t leave St Kitts’ shores until Monday 17 May.

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