Lone gunman holds up Royal Bank of Canada, Wellington Road Branch

Royal Bank Branch at Horsfords Complex

ZIZ News, July 1, 2010 – Police are investigating a robbery at Royal Bank of Canada Thursday morning.

According to reports at around 9 o’clock a lone gunman attempted to rob the bank.

Reports indicate that the bandit was unable to get any money from the bank itself but one customer was attacked and robbed.

The male victim who wishes to keep his identity unknown told ZIZ News “one gunman came in, put a gun to my face and asked me to get on the floor, so I did what he said. He then took my wallet and my cell phone”

He added “it’s not a comfortable situation to see a gun in your face and someone demanding what you have. I felt violated”

Police were quickly on the scene and began the process of their investigation.

Confirmed reports also state that one female bank employee was taken to the JNF General Hospital for treatment of trauma.

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