Lynches Beach Clean-Up

Basseterre, St. Kitts, July 31, 2020 (ZIZ News): Ahead of the upcoming holiday Lynches Beach near Parsons received a face lift on Friday from the People’s Labour Party (PLP) Youth and Unified Youth of Constituency #6 as part of a beach cleanup campaign orchestrated by representatives of the People’s Labour Party.

In an interview with ZIZ news, Deputy Chairman of PLP, Craig Tuckett explained why this site was chosen for the cleanup.

“We realize that the pervading seaweed has been a hindrance for our people and the people from the community all the way from Harris’s, Saddlers and even Dieppe Bay from using what use to be a popular beach and so the community along with the the People’s Labour Party youth group and the Unified group of Constituency #6 along with the caretaker of the  People’s Labour Party, Captain Kevin “Ninky” Williams decided that we’re going to come today in collaboration with the Parks and Beaches Unit to do a general clean up.”

PLP Candidate for Constituency #6, Kevin “Ninky” Williams highlighted the uniqueness of the beach and the importance of keeping it clean.

 “This beach here in Parsons is a unique beach around the Caribbean, this is one of the only remaining black sand beaches and it is very good that the youths and the people can come out and preserve it and keep it clean because our environment is very important.”

Representative from Constituency #7, Ketanjah Simon spoke of her involvement in the initiative and encouraged other young persons to get more involved in community service.

 “We’re here today to clean up the beach partake in the activities. For me I think that more youths should get involved in work around the communities. In the end it all benefits us so I would like to invite any youth or anyone at all.”

Other areas around East Basseterre and Frigate Bay are also being considered for cleanup.

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