M.P. tells graduates the next five years can be among their best and most productive

Dr. Harris

ZIZ News…July 13 2012 — Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, Member of Parliament for St Christopher #7, has told graduands of the Violet Petty Primary School that they can expect his continuing full and unconditional support as they embark on their secondary education at the Cayon High School. Thirteen students from the Violet Petty Primary School in Lodge Project will be placed in 1A1, 1A2 and 1A3 at the Cayon High School.

Dr Harris in is remarks told the students that while they have completed their primary level education, they now have five more years to complete their secondary education and they should commit now not to drop out of school, not to become involved in gangs, not to be distracted but be focused in making the next five years among their best and most productive. “It matters not which stream you are now being placed in form one, what is more important is that five years, hence, where will you end? Will you obtain your certificates that are still critical to the world of work? Will you bring joy and honour to yourselves, your families, your communities and school? I know you can rise to the occasion. Dream big dreams. Do positive things and we will stand by you. Develop a plan to realize your dream, believe in your dream, believe in yourself, believe in your capacity to make a difference in your country and most importantly, believe in God”.

Dr Harris thanked the teachers for going beyond the call of duty to prepare the students and encouraged them to continue to do their best. He said in due time the package of teachers will improve to reflect the weighty responsibilities which teachers undertake. He complimented the Head teacher, Mrs Eveth Bloice, and her staff on engagement of the school, not only in academics but in a variety of endeavours.

The Violet Petty Primary School opened its doors as a fully fledged primary school in April 2001. It was named in honour of Ms Violet Petty, an outstanding teacher from the area. Dr the Hon Timothy Harris said that “he was pleased that the decision to upgrade the Lodge Primary from an infant school, to a full fledged primary school had done a lot of good for the communities of Lodge Village, Bourryeau, Lodge Project and Ottleys in particular”.

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