Mac Parris passes

Mac Parris
Ashley Farrell
Trevor Chapman
PS Alsted Pemberton
Elquemedo Willet

ZIZ News…May 15, 2012 — Mc Cleavand ‘Mac’ Parris passed away over last weekend. News of his passing was confirmed yesterday by his niece and former Nevisian ace Netballer, Hazeldine Lewis.

Since then many tributes have poured in on behalf of the former Nevis wicket-keeper/batsman.

Cabinet Secretary for the Nevis island Administration, Ashley Farrell remembers the afro headed wicketkeeper as very efficient. He was not the type to be diving and throwing himself around but was fleet footed and got to the balls in an effective manner. He had pleasant memories of him putting on the finishing touches as the likes of Elquemedo Willet, Deryck Parry, Junior ‘Pasture’ Hendrickson and ‘Hogan’ (Raphael Wallace’s elder brother), lured batsman after batsman out of their crease.

Trevor Chapman, Community Sports Officer remembers him not only as one of the better wicketkeepers that Nevis has produced but a fine batsman as well. He rated him as the finest wicketkeeper/batsman that he has seen come out of Nevis.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Sports, Mr. Alsted Pemberton also had good memories of the late wicketkeeper/batsman. He remembered him as being very efficient behind the stumps ‘not a lot of flash,’ but very effective. He would have witnessed some of the stumpings that he effected much to the joy of the huge crowds at the then Grove Park. He also remembered him as very good batsman as well. He extended condolences to the grieving family on behalf of the ministry of Sports and the Sports Minister Hon Hensley Daniel who was off island.

Headmaster at the Charlestown Primary School, Kevin Barrett remembers that as a little boy, he too fancied himself as a wicketkeeper of sorts and so he was fascinated by the glove work of the late wicketkeeper. What he found really admirable was the fact that by that time, Parris had already picked up residence in St.Kitts but similarly to Livingstone Sargeant, when duty called for him to represent Nevis; he came over to play for the land of his birth. ‘Those days, persons recognized and respected the value of CRICKET to the Nevisian psyche and when we needed to go to the Park and we asked Mr. Boncamper (former Headmaster) nicely, he usually let us go.’

The first Leeward Islander to the West Indies team, Elquemedo Willet, noted that he was a close cousin of the later Mac Parris. “I know that his mother who resides in England is taking it especially hard….and she should be arriving soon,’ he stated.

He continued: ‘We had many great moments together. I would just have to pull the batsmen from their crease and Mac would do the rest. If I was to pick an all time best wicketkeeper for Nevis, I would go for Mac. Everette (Sargeant) was good too but me and Mac go way back, since the days of SPARTANS (that was before All Stars). He wasn’t a bad batsman either. He was the type who prided himself as the model batsman—feet always together, head well over the ball and even while wicket keeping, his posture had to be perfect. I remember two stand out innings when he saved the day for Nevis. He and Al put on a partnership against Montserrat and then there was another knock versus St.Kitts in a Berridge-Howell encounter when he again came to the party—I believe it was he and Al again.’

The late cricketer was better known as a Pharmacist in his later years as a resident of St.Kitts and it is understood that he recently released a book of poems.

Nevis team photo from the Nevis Sports Museum–Mac Parris front row–far right
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