Mama Henny reaches 102nd milestone

SKNIS Photo 1: Mama Henny smiling at 102
Mama Henny surrounded by Family and Friends

Basseterre, St. Kitts, April 11, 2012 (SKNIS): Henrietta Julius-Watson was joined by several friends, family members, clergy, representatives from the Ministry of Social Development, and the Parliamentary Representative of the area, when she attained the grand age of 102, yesterday.

Parliamentary Representative for Constituency #4 Honourable Glenn Phillip congratulated Mrs. Watson, who is affectionately known as Mama Henny, on her longevity. He lauded her as a pillar of the community and as an Old Road historian.

“An hour ago, she was telling me a story about a river, when it broke in Old Road and people were looking for their utensils,” Minister Phillip revealed. “She said they went to live there not knowing it was a river’s path.” The Parliamentary Representative noted that it was through stories such as these that Mama Henny can still make a valuable contribution to her family, friends and community. He stressed that one would only need to have a conversation with her and the valuable information could then be passed on from generation to generation.

Social Assistance Officer Larissa Riley brought greetings on behalf of the Ministry of Social Development and Methodist Minister Rev. Joyce Rohan was in attendance.

Mama Henny graciously accepted the well wishes.

“I thank them – whoever come and whoever can’t come, we must be satisfy,” the centenarian wisely noted.

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