Man, 30, slapped with 21 charges: child prostitution, human trafficking and assault

(Trinidad Express) Anthony Smith, 30, was yesterday rearrested and slapped with 21 charges involving human trafficking, child prostitution and assault.

Among the charges is that of recruiting a child within Trinidad and Tobago for the purpose of trafficking under section 18 of the Trafficking in Persons Act.

This section states: A person who—(a) recruits, transports, transfers or receives a child into or within Trinidad and Tobago; (b) harbours a child in Trinidad and Tobago; or (c) recruits, transports or transfers a child from Trinidad and Tobago to another jurisdiction, for the purpose of exploitation, commits the offence of trafficking in children and is liable on conviction on indictment to a fine of not less than one million dollars and imprisonment for not less than 20 years.

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