“Man Up” Symposium scheduled for Sunday

(ZIZ News) — In efforts to empower the men in their community, The Mount Moriah Seventh Day Adventist Church of Harris’ Village will be hosting a symposium dubbed “Man Up” on Sunday February 5.

While speaking with ZIZ, member of the Mt. Moriah Seventh Day Adventist Church, Marilyn Johnson explained why hosting the symposium is necessary and noted that the discussions are just one of many community building initiatives.

“We feel that we should become more involved in the development of our community and so we have arranged/ planned a number of initiatives to help build our community”, she said.

Johnson revealed that International Social Skills Consultant, Neals Chitan will be the featured speaker.

She also mentioned that issues facing the community should be everyone’s business.

“International [Social] Skills consultant Dr. Chitan will be addressing the young men of the community. Not just the young men but the entire community because we feel that the challenges and the issues the community faces should be the concern of everybody in the community”, Johnson expressed.
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Johnson also explained why the term “Man Up” was selected as the title for the event.

“We are dubbing the presentation “Man Up” because we will be addressing the issues and challenges specifically facing our young men. It is hoped that as a result of this presentation, the young men will become more productive, involved and they will take up their roles as leaders in our homes, in our institutions and in the community”, Johnson explained.

The “Man Up” symposium will be held at the Saddlers Primary School at 5 pm.

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