Manners says Leaders are too Short-Sighted

StevensonManners-1(ZIZ News) — Political and social commentator, Stevenson Manners is accusing politicians and leaders in government of being short-sighted in their approach to handling certain issues.

Manners was offering his opinion on the situation in Nevis last Tuesday in which Nevisian students did not receive their Federal Government-issued laptops due to an apparent breakdown in communication between the Nevis Education Ministry and Ministry of Education on St. Kitts.

“Well you know we’ve got so many leaders or would-be leaders who are very myopic in their thinking. When I picked up the phone I heard you speaking about what happened in Nevis yesterday. And you raised the point ‘Couldn’t people have set aside their personal feelings, personal agenda for the benefit of the students who will benefit ultimately?’ But too often we cut our nose to spite our face or we do things for the now,” he said.

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