Marsha Gives Commitment to Upgraded Basseterre Health Centre With New Services

Basseterre, St. Kitts, June 2, 2022 — The commitment by Political Leader of the St Kitts-Nevis Labour Party (SKNLP) Dr Terrance Drew to revamp the healthcare system in the twin-island federation is getting solid support from the party’s lone female candidate in the upcoming general elections.
Marsha Henderson, the candidate for Central Basseterre said adequate attention and priority will also be given to the elderly and will ensure the upgrade of the Basseterre Health Centre with the introduction of new services for residents.
She said concerns on the deteriorating conditions at the hospitals and health centres are among the complaints received from residents during her canvassing.
“You all have endured so much hurt and anguish because of the lack of proper healthcare in the country. Almost every day, I hear the complaints – somebody had to go hospital, only to find out that our healthcare system is in such terrible shape, they couldn’t even get the proper treatment for basic common conditions. In spite of all this suffering and the many lives that have been lost in the last 7-years as a result, the present government has done nothing and continues to do absolutely nothing about this very shameful and dangerous situation,” Henderson said in her maiden public meeting in Central Basseterre.
She expressed the view that despite these horrific circumstances, the nurses and medical staff continue to work hard, giving dedicated and tireless service to citizens and residents.
“I commend them highly for holding strain. I want them to know that better is coming because Labour is coming,” said Henderson, an attorney by profession, who supported the Dr Drew’s promise of a new call to construct a new hospital as part of the plan to revolutionize the entire healthcare system.
“Our next Prime Minister, Dr. Terrance Drew, continues to speak about his plans to revolutionize healthcare in this country and I look forward to the day, in a Labour Cabinet, when we will all be able to make these and many other plans a functional reality on behalf of all the people.”
Henderson, the mother of a son said she supports plans to improve healthcare which includes the expansion of community-based health services.
“Under this plan, I will ensure the Basseterre Health Centre receives the crucial upgrades it needs in order to serve our growing communities. We will renovate and expand the Basseterre Health Center and increase the services it offers. Some of the new services we will seek to make available at the health centre are blood tests and physical therapies. We will also make available more District Medical Officers in the Central Basseterre communities,” she told supporters.
“Our elderly in the Central Basseterre communities will be better cared for under an SKNLP government. I will pursue the establishment of a daycare center for the elderly and disabled persons in our communities, especially those who require supervision throughout the day. This will help to improve their quality of life by keeping them socially active. This is a benefit because many of these persons become depressed due to social isolation,” said Henderson.
In a message to non-nationals inclusive of those in the Hispanic community, Henderson said their complaints of not having a voice will be heard.
“I want to assure our non-nationals: Labour has your back and I have your back. As the soon-to-be elected representative for C#2, I will ensure that your voices are heard. We will create a special ombudsman or mediator who will serve as the representative for our non-national community. This person will be charged with recording all of your concerns, reporting them to the responsible minister, and playing a vital role in the creation of solutions for you all,” said Henderson.
She said the SKNLP is the party that cares for all and urged residents to check the track records of the 90-year-old.
“We leave no man, woman, or child behind,” said Henderson, stating: “Whether you’re on the Labour train or not, everybody will be moving.”
The local attorney accused the outgoing administration and parliamentary representative, Jonel Powell of keeping Central Basseterre depressed and repressed. “Well, all that will end on my watch. Central, you deserve better. Your Labour Government will bring better and deliver.”
She also pledged to deal with the lack of or inadequate recreational facilities, some of which are poorly maintained. “The communities of New Road and Shadwell don’t have playing fields for recreation. Green spaces for relaxation and fun activities are of extreme importance as spending time in them has been proven to lower stress levels,” said Henderson.
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